Iron Supplements for Cats

Supplements for cats with iron deficiencies can greatly help to reduce problems in a cat that is iron deficient. Under normal conditions, iron is ingested through normal dietary measures. Iron, in combination with copper, is necessary for a cat to produce hemoglobin, which is the agent that carries oxygen in the red blood cells and distributes it throughout the body.

When a cat is iron deficient, a condition known as anemia typically develops and some obvious signs of oxygen deficiency will start to become apparent. Likewise, there are many cells throughout the body that depend on iron to help them carryout their normal functions. When a cat does not ingest enough iron, a variety of systems throughout the body can potentially be affected. 

While most cats can get their daily requirement of iron through meats and fish, many older cats can have digestive troubles which will affect their ability to retain iron. This is why iron supplements for cats can be greatly beneficial to helping them maintain the required iron balance in their bodies.

Liqui-Tinic 4x Flavored Vitamin and Iron Supplement

Liqui-Tinic is a liquid oral supplement used to help promote iron absorption in cats that are anemic or are close to being anemic due to low iron counts in the blood. In addition to supplying iron, this supplement also helps to provide Vitamin B, liver and amino acids—all of which are required to help maintain acceptable levels of iron. Liqui-Tinic usually gets very good reviews on how well it helps cats to control anemia or simply avoid anemic situations.

Liqui-Tinic is a flavored liquid and most cats tend to find the taste agreeable even though it can sometimes be difficult to get them to take any type of medication. For a cat that is normal in weight, roughly 7 to 15 pounds, the recommended dosage is one milliliter every 8 to 12 hours. There are also very few side effects known to occur in cats with this iron supplement

Tomlyn Nutri-Cal High Calorie Dietary Supplement

Nutri-Calis not considered a direct source of iron supplementation; however the effect that it has on a cat is directly related to ensuring that a cat gets the recommended amount of iron in his daily diet. Nutri-Cal is a supplement that is used to induce eating in cats that are picky or are experiencing a loss of appetite due to other medical conditions. When a cat has a particular medical condition that alters his ability or desire to eat, he can experience a significant loss of iron as he becomes nutrient-deficient. 

Nutri-Cal is a gel that is applied to the mouth and whisker area of a cat. While most cats like the taste so much that they will consume it as a treat, it is still natural for a cat to lick off anything on his face. Nutri-Cal does contain iron, but the purpose behind using it is to entice a cat to eat his normal diet so that he can resume his normal intake of iron and other nutrients.