Is Drinking Salt Water Safe for Dogs?

Your dog drinking salt water is generally not a good habit. While pet owners are at the beach, they should still provide their pets with fresh water to drink. If your dog is not given fresh water to drink, he will likely begin to drink salt water.

Drinking salt water can cause dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea, and it is not healthy for your pet. To learn more about what happens when your pet drinks salt water, read on.

Dehydration and Salt Water

The beach may seem like the ideal place for your dog to run, play and interact with other canines, and for the most part it is. Even so, pet owners need to keep in mind that an increase in exercise will cause water loss in the body. Exercise will cause your pet to become even more thirsty, and he will definitely need fresh water while at the beach. If he isn't provided with fresh water, he will drink salt water.

How Salt Water Dehydrates Dogs

Salt water pulls liquid into your pet's intestines, causing an osmotic effect. Often, this osmotic effect will cause diarrhea, which will only worsen dehydration in your dog. Vomiting may also occur, especially if your pet drinks salt water quickly. I

n addition, even if your dog does not actually drink the salt water, he may ingest small amounts when he is playing and swimming in the water. If your pet ingests any sand with the salt water, it will worsen the effects of the salt water and hurt the intestines. If your pet ingests any algae, bacteria, or toxins while at the beach, he can become sick later on.

Possible Side Effects of Drinking Salt Water

When your dog drinks salt water, he may vomit and become dehydrated. He could also get diarrhea from the salt water, which may contain mucus or blood. In addition, any toxins or bacteria in the water can cause illness in your pet later. In essence, it is not a good idea to allow your dog to drink salt water. You should always provide your pet with fresh water while you are at the beach.

How to Prevent Your Pet From Drinking Salt Water

The best way to keep your pet from drinking salt water is to provide a lot of fresh drinking water for him while you are the the beach. Ideally, you should carry a small dish that you can continually refill with clean water. The dish should be one your pet is familiar with, so he knows it is where his drinking water is located. If using a dish isn't a possibility, you should carry a water bottle with fresh water that you can squirt into your pet's mouth frequently.

Too much exercise will cause dehydration, so it is important to give your pet frequent breaks while at the beach. It is recommended that you take your dog into the shade and give him water every twenty minutes or so. Do not let him spend too much time in the salt water for extended periods of time.