Is Spaying a Dog in Heat Possible?

Spaying a dog is recommended, so that she will no longer get pregnant and give birth to puppies that may not find homes. However, spaying a dog in heat is a controversial issue. The spaying procedure itself is not complicated, but when it is performed in dogs in heat, the procedure may be more complex and complications may occur.

Heat Period in Dogs

The heat period in dogs can start as early as 6 months of age. Some larger breeds will become mature at 12 or 18 months. Only female dogs come into heat, and for a few days during this period, the dog can become pregnant if fertilized by a male dog. During the heat period, the dog will attract male dogs and it is very likely that she will mate and become pregnant. For this reason a lot of owners would like to spay the dog to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Spaying in Dogs

Spaying in dogs is a procedure that will remove the ovaries, so that she will no longer be fertile and won't be able to come into heat and become pregnant. A lot of pet owners opt for spaying to control pregnancies and unwanted puppies.

The most recommended time to spay a dog is just before or after the first heat cycle (can happen at 6 months or even at 18 months). Performing the surgery at this time will make the surgeon's task easier. The younger the dog spayed and the fewer heat cycles or pregnancies she has experienced, the easier the spaying procedure will be. 

Spaying a Dog in Heat

The spaying procedure can be performed while the dog is in heat, however, it will be more complex and the surgeon will have to be extra skilled to prevent complications. During the heat cycle, the dog's uterus and ovaries will be swollen, so the spaying surgery will be more complicated and the bleeding during surgery will be more intensive. The dog may lose a lot of blood and this can be fatal in some cases. For these reasons, many vets refuse to perform a spaying procedure when a dog is in heat. However, in theory, the procedure is possible during the heat period.

Other Means of Preventing Pregnancy during Heat

During the heat period, the female dog disperses different odors that are smelled by male dogs from a considerable distance and make the male dogs want to mate. If you don't want to spay your dog during the heat period, you can prevent her from getting pregnant by keeping an eye on her at all times. Keep your dog indoors while in heat and when you walk her, you should keep her on a leash. After the heat period you can spay your dog safely without many surgery risks.

Spaying is beneficial for multiple reasons. The dog will have a more obedient behavior and fewer reproductive system and mammary cancer risks. Preventing pregnancies will also prevent an overpopulation of dogs. Numerous dogs never find a home and may end up on the streets or put to sleep.