Checking Itchy Cat Ears for Infection

Itchy cat ears can be a sign of an ear infection. Your cat may scratch or rub his ear and head, shake his head frequently and could appear to be in pain. Owners must check the cat's ears for signs of infection and also know how to clean the ear and administer medication to promote kitten health and hygiene.

Checking Cat Ears For Infection

  1. Hold the cat in your lap or place him on a flat surface. To restrain him, hold the cat by the scruff of his neck or place your arm across his body while holding his head with one hand. Use this hand to hold back the cat's ear flap. Later you can use your free hand to administer any medication or ear wash if necessary.
  2. After rolling back the ear flap inspect the inner side of the ear flap and opening to the ear canal. This area should be a light pink color with little discharge. Dark brown, black or red ear wax, discharge and odor are signs of a bacterial or yeast infection. Allergies, blockage from debris or damage to the ear may also cause these symptoms so a visit to the veterinarian for a correct diagnosis and medication is important.
  3. Training your cat to become accustomed to ear cleaning is a big help when it comes time to examine your cat's ears. Start a regular ear cleaning routine once a week when the cat is still a kitten and offer a healthy treat after the cleaning.