Key Dog Bite Statistics

Dog bite statistics may be interesting to look at, especially because the number of dog bite victims is very high. Even if dog bites are rarely fatal, a lot of patients that are bitten require emergency care.

Average Number of People Bitten by Dogs

In the US, there are around 75 million canines. Some breeds are more aggressive than others, but even non aggressive breeds can bite if provoked or not properly trained.

The average number of people bitten yearly by canines is around 5 million, which is close to 2% of the entire US population. Dog owners are often bitten by their own dogs or other dogs that play with their dogs.

Typically, the victims of dog bites are children and most of the times the bites occur during playing or due to the fact that the child is afraid of the pet. This means that it is highly important to train your dog and teach your children how to deal with dogs.

Dog bites are the 5th most common reason people visit the emergency room in the US.

The chance of you getting bitten by a dog is 1 in 50 every year.

Areas Most Bitten

The most bitten areas include the hands or the legs, which are closer to the dog that attacks. However, in children, the face is often bitten; as a matter of fact, over 50% of cases of bitten children present bites on the face.

Work Related Bites

Every year, approximately 15,000 people are bitten by dogs while the victims are at work or even when dealing with dogs. Out of the 15,000 people, over 2,500 post carriers are bitten per year.

It is important to get insurance and protect yourself against unexpected injuries. Certain companies will provide you with insurance. If you are a pet trainer, it is highly important to get insurance for such cases.

Infection Rate

A recent study has shown that over 50% of the dog bites will get infected. It is important to clean the bite wound and treat it with antibiotic cream to prevent infections. However, if infections occur, oral antibiotics can also be given.

Approximately 15% of all dog bites require emergency treatment and more than just a few antibiotics.

Mortality Rate

Dog bites are rarely deadly, but in the US, the number of people dying after a dog attack per year is around 30. Many of these deaths occur if the dog has rabies or is not properly trained.

Dogs should be trained and should get the necessary vaccines.

Most Violent Breeds

The study has shown that there are dog breeds that bite more than others. These breeds include:

  • Rottweilers
  • Pitt bulls
  • Mixed breeds from Rottweilers and Pitt bulls

Over 70% of the dog bites and attacks are caused by dogs belonging to these breeds. These breeds should be carefully handled and trained properly, to avoid any possible accidents.