Getting a Kitten Accustomed to a Cat Tree

A kitten tree provides a permissible area for a kitten and cat to scratch, climb and wrestle. By introducing your new pet to a climbing tree, odds are great that he will use the tree for destructive behavior like scratching and climbing. Save your curtains, carpeting and sofa by providing an area where he actively plays without facing disciplinary measures.

Introducing a Kitten to a Climbing Tree

Kittens are extremely curious. They'll be interested in a kitten tree from the start, and rarely have problems climbing up. Place appealing cat toys on the platforms to lure a kitten into climbing. Expect to hear cries for help, because the kittens may not be sure how to get back down. Simply lift the kitten and place him down when necessary.

Protective Measures

While your kitten learns to use his new cat tree, it is best to stand by and see what he is comfortable doing. Many willingly climb the tree and enter a feline play house but struggle with the safest measure for getting back down. Protect against injuries by placing pillows around the base of the kitten tree. Also, make sure there are no hard objects nearby. Cover baseboards with pillows.

As a kitten grows, he begins to scale trees more effectively and becomes more independent. Eventually, your assistance in getting him down will no longer be necessary.