Kitten Eye Infection Treatments

The kitten eye problems are frequent, because the eyes are exposed to bacteria and viruses and the kitten does not have a strong immune system to fight off the infections. Conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye problems in cats. Eye infections in kittens are curable, but if left untreated may blind the kitten.

Symptoms of a Kitten Eye Infection

The eye infections may be contacted from the other kitten while nursing or passed on from the mother. The symptoms of cat eye problems may vary from red eyes to watery eyes and swelling. Severe cases of eye infection include symptoms such as sealed eyelids, puss and unpleasant odor.

Treatment Options

The treatment for minor infections is uncomplicated. Eye drops are prescribed and these must be administrated twice a day. The infection should be cured within a week, but you need to convince your kitten to be cooperative when using the eye drops. If you fail to administrate the eye drops as prescribed, the infection will reoccur and it will be more resistant to treatment.

More severe cases will need a lengthier treatment (one month) and the eye drops should be given three to four times per day. The eye drops contain antibiotics, but sometimes antibiotics will also be administrated orally.

When the eyes or the eyelids are filled with puss, it is also recommended that you clean the kitten's eyes with a saline solution before you apply the eye drops. Use some cotton balls and a few treats to make your kitten cooperative.

Cautions Concerning Eye Drops

When administrating eye drops, especially in more severe cases, the kitten will have no appetite (especially if the nose is congested with pus). The kitten will be weakened by the antibiotics. You need to feed your kitten on a regular basis to make him strong enough to fight the infection.

The saline solution used to clean the pus may cause the eyelids to be sore and the kitten will refuse treatment. He will scratch and you need to cover the kitten in a blanket ensuring that the paws are not available. Use reassuring words and treats, so that the cat doesn't consider the treatment a punishment as this may cause future aggressive behavior.

It is essential to get a proper diagnostics and treatment for your kitten's eye infections. Administrating eye drops that contain steroids or cortisone when these are not needed may scar the cornea and cause ulcers, permanent white spots or even blindness. Getting treatment in time may prevent vision problems and ensure your kitten's good health.