What is a Normal Kitten Heart Rate?

The kitten heart beats faster than a mature cat's heart. Detecting an unusually high or low heart rate can help identifying possible heart conditions or health issues.

Adult Heart Rate

The normal heart rate for a mature cat is between 120 and 140 beats per minute.

The heart rate will increase if the cat is under stress. For example, at the vet the heart rate will increase by up to 30 beats per minute.

When a cat is resting, the heart beat may be lower than normal.

Heart conditions will cause an increased heart rate.

Kitten Heart Rate

A kitten's normal heart rate may range from 200 to 260 beats per minute. Also, if the kitten is sleeping, the pulse may be lower, while stressful situations will cause a faster heart rate.

The kitten heart rate may be calculated by feeling his heart beat through the chest. However, due to the fast rate you might not be able to take his pulse. A vet can easily make the correct count.