Is Your Kitten Sleeping Too Much?

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping. You will notice kittens sleeping almost all the time. The sleeping time is during the day, because cats are nocturnal predators.

Regular Cat Sleeping Hours

Mature cats sleep on average up to 16 hours per day. Kittens sleep 16 to 18 hours per day. Newborn kittens sleep almost all the time. In time, kittens start sleeping less and less, until their sleeping hours are equivalent to 16 hours. The sleeping hours depend on the cat's age and lifestyle. If he is left alone all day, your cat is more likely to sleep and keep awake at night. If you offer your cat a lot of toys and activities, you will be able to change his sleeping pattern, making him sleep at night.

The Ideal Kitten Bed

If you want to create the best sleeping conditions for your kitten, make sure to make a comfortable kitten bed, placed in a warm room. To determine the right temperature, watch your kitten's sleeping position. If he is cold, he will curl up and place his paws on the face-a position that preserves the body temperature. This means you will need to increase the room temperature.