The Life Expectancy of Dogs with Diabetes

What is the life expectancy for dogs with diabetes is the first question pet owners ask when their pet develops this disease. The number of diabetic dogs increases yearly. In fact, the Veterinary Textbook of Internal Medicine reports that 1 out of every 500 dogs will develop this disease at some point in their life.

Life Expectancy Depends on Treatment Plan for Dogs with Diabetes

If you follow your veterinarian's advice, your dog can live a full life. You must ensure your dog gets insulin injections as required. Follow the required diet change. Walk your dog daily.

Most importantly, make sure you are testing blood sugar levels daily to ensure your dog's blood levels are not spiking or plummeting. Make sure you always have lancets and test strips available.

Know the Warning Signs for Diabetes with Dogs

The best way to allow your dog to live a full, happy life is to know the symptoms of diabetes. The earlier your animal receives care, the better his chances for survival.

Monitor your dog's weight. Diabetic dogs tend to lose weight quickly. The most prominent symptom is a drastic increase in thirst. Dogs with diabetes drink excessively and, as a result, need to make more trips outside than normal.