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Advocacy and Rescue

You can get involved directly in helping animals in many ways - below are some of the organizations and some of the ways you can do so. Your neighborhood Shelter or rescue is yet another way. Emailing your legislator , phoning or writing a letter when you care about a problem helps. 

Below are websites that work to change the world we live in. They may work at different thing and sometimes have common goals. I have added sites that always have animal issues, some have world and human issues as well. There are many other causes of equal importance not found here.

Advocacy and if or how we chose to make our voices heard is a personal choice. 



MRSA -The Bella Moss Foundation
Helping animals suffering with mrsa      charitable company helping animals with mrsa 

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), sometimes referred to in the media as the SUPERBUG. It affects both humans and animals.  MRSA is a bacterium that, under normal conditions, is relatively harmless. Infection usually occurs through a wound of some kind, either because of a skin ulcer that will not heal or through surgery. Infection is different from colonisation because the invading bacteria tend to grow more rapidly and cause ill-effects to the body. These come because of the toxins that the bacteria now pour into the blood, and through the damage that occurs to the surrounding tissue. This causes the symptoms and signs of infection, and need to be treated rapidly. For a comprehensive overview of MARSA and well as a guide to veterinary prevention methods please see The Bella Moss Foundation Website.


The Bella Moss Foundation is raising awareness of mrsa and post operative infections in animals, as in most cases with early detection serious post operative infections can be treated. - This is a vast advocacy website dedicated to world issues of Environment, Children's health,
Endangered species, Human rights, Non-violence and peace, Cancer awareness, Civil rights education and more. It is 6 million strong and growing.

It even has some of the best free ecards you have ever seen. Making a difference in the world is possible. - Linda understands social networking and her network of dedicated people that work to make a difference in this world is truly amazing. Tap in and find people that care passionately about many issues relating to pets and people that also care about people. Linda's Focus for her website is Dogs and their rescue and problems, but her network is involved in many social issues and you may find a cause you didn't even know was a problem.


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