Liquid Cat Wormer Products

Liquid cat wormer is available for the removal of large roundworms from a cat's intestines. This type of product is typically available without a prescription and can be found online and at local pet stores. The active ingredient used in over-the-counter cat wormer products is piperazine, which works to paralyze parasites, thus allowing the body to expel them on its own.

Cat Wormer Products

Liquid cat wormers are very easy to use. They are formulated to have an appealing taste to cats, and can be fed directly or with food. Liquid cat wormer products are not recommended for use more often than a couple times per year, and may not destroy worms at larval stage. This product is for use in ridding adult roundworms that have taken residence in the intestine and are causing problems. It's for this reason that one or more follow-up treatments are recommended.

The first round of treatment will kill live worms, while any larva will still be in the migration stage. This will lead to another round of live worms in the intestines in 2 to 3 weeks. Cat feces should be contained and destroyed for several days after beginning treatment as worm infestations may be contagious to other cats, dogs and humans. Because the worms are forced to let go of their grip by liquid car wormer medication, you may see live worms or worm pieces in the feces for several days after treatment.


Cats become infested by roundworms either by consuming eggs from infected soil, usually by normal grooming, by nursing from an infected mother cat or by eating a rodent carrying the worms in the larval stage. These worms actually consume food before the cat can receive nourishment from it, so you may see symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting or a pot-bellied appearance. Occasionally, the worms themselves can be vomited. These can reach lengths of up to seven inches long and resemble cooked spaghetti. If left to multiply, these worms can cause pneumonia or blockages in the intestines. Regular deworming for roundworms is recommended for outside cats who hunt rodents, and kittens, as they are frequently assumed to have come into contact with the larvae of this worm.

Concerns When Using Liquid Cat Wormer

While liquid cat wormer is generally safe for most cats, there are some things to take into consideration when using this product. These products are not recommended for kittens under the age of 6 weeks. It's also not suggested to give this or any product of its kind to cats or kittens who are sick in any way. Cats under 2lbs and pregnant or nursing cats should avoid use. A negative result for heartworm testing should be attained before beginning treatment for roundworms. Side effects of products containing piperazine are usually associated with overdose. Dosage instructions should be followed carefully, and any cat experiencing nausea, vomiting or muscular tremors should be suspected of overdose or allergic reaction to the drug.