Liver Problems in Dogs: Holistic Treatment

Liver problems in dogs can occur for a variety of reasons. Most dogs with liver problems benefit greatly from a holistic treatment approach, which requires a change in your dog's lifestyle as well as the use of medication.

Causes of Liver Problems in Dogs

Liver problems in dogs can result from infection, poisoning, the use of certain prescription drugs, and even from bad diet.

Treating Liver Problems in Dogs

Diet is essential to the treatment of liver problems in dogs. A diet will need to be specially tailored to your dog, depending on the cause of his liver problems.

Your dog may also need medication to help ease the symptoms of his liver problems.

Dietary Supplements and Liver Problems in Dogs

Herbal supplements such as milk thistle and burdock can be of much help to dogs with liver problems. Herbs such as these support liver function.

Vitamin supplements such as Vitamin B12 can also help support liver function. Minerals including natrium phospate and natrium sulphate help cleanse the liver.

Antioxidants also play a powerful role in liver function. SAM-e is a popular antioxidant often used to support liver function in dogs with liver problems.