Managing Canine Hemorrhoids with Avatrol

Dogs are not immune to hemorrhoids and when people are looking for a natural way to treat their dog's hemorrhoids then they often turn to Avatrol as the treatment of choice for their dogs hemorrhoids symptoms. While Avatrol can be used by humans and many are finding that the supplement works just as well for dogs.

Main Ingredients of Avatrol

There are several natural ingredients in Avatrol. The primary ingredients of Avatrol include horse chestnut, bilberry, oat straw, butchers broom, arginine, mullein, casara sagrada and citrus bio-flavinoids. Each one of the key ingredients plays its own role in curbing the symptoms of hemorrhoids that a dog may be suffering from. For instance, horse chestnut reduces swelling and pain while bilberry is for tissue repair. Each ingredient works on a different symptom and together they make a powerful hemorrhoid treatment that is safe for dogs.

Recommended Usage of Avatrol

Due to the fact that a the severity of canine hemorrhoid symptoms will vary from dog to dog it is important to monitor a dog while being treated with Avatrol to make sure that the treatment is working and that there aren't any side effects from the treatment. The most commonly recommended treatment dose is one tablet a day depending on the size of the dog. A half or quarter of a tablet may be all that is necessary for smaller dogs. Dogs should take their dosage of Avatrol each morning  for approximately 14 days depending on how the dog responds to treatment. Dogs should not take the medication for more than 28 days at a time.

Side Effects from Avatrol

One of the reasons why Avatrol is becoming so popular for treating hemorrhoids in dogs is that there are seemingly no side effects in canines taking this product to treat hemorrhoid symptoms. There do seem to be outstanding results, but people should be cautious none the less when using any new treatment on their dogs. Monitoring your dog for changes in behavior, appetite and overall wellness will be important if you choose to begin treating your dog's hemorrhoids with Avatrol.

Long-term Effectiveness of Avatrol

It is important to note that Avatrol is not a cure for canine hemorrhoids. Avatrol is simply a product that treats the symptoms of canine hemorrhoids. That being said, Avatrol is a product that a can be given to a dog long-term to curb the symptoms of hemorrhoids without any consequences from the treatment. People giving their dog Avatrol will want to take a break from giving the product to their dog periodically as it is a monthly medication, but it is safe for long-term use.

Overall, if your dog is suffering from canine hemorrhoids then Avatrol is a great way to ease the symptoms your dog is suffering from. The medication is easy to give to dogs and is an effective treatment for canine hemorrhoids. Most people will notice an improvement in their dog's hemorrhoid symptoms within about two weeks of starting their dog on the product.