Megestrol for Dogs

Megestrol is a drug that is typically used in dogs that have reproductive system problems and may also come in handy in the treatment of behavioral issues. Megestrol belongs to the group of progestins. A treatment will megestrol will have the effects of progesterone supplementation, inhibiting the estrogen production.

When Is Megestrol Used

Megestrol acetate, also known as Ovaban, is a drug that can only be obtained trough prescription.

Megestrol can be used in both cats and dogs to manage the heat cycles and the behavioral issues associated with these. The drugs may also be administered in cases of false pregnancy.

Megestrol may also be used to suppress the heat cycles in canines.

The drug is only used in female dogs.

Megestrol Effects for Dogs

The administration of megestrol may have the effects of steroids and will also inhibit the activity of the adrenal glands.

Megestrol can control the dog’s behavior when in heat, reducing her irritability and hyperactivity. After a treatment with megestrol, the dog should be calmer and more obedient.

The treatment will also balance the hormonal levels in the body.

In some cases, the drug can be used to treat skin infections.

Megestrol Side Effects

Megestrol administered in dogs is typically well tolerated, but there are some dogs that may develop allergic reactions and side effects.

Common side effects of megestrol include:

  • Uterine infections
  • Adrenal gland insufficiency (Addison’s disease), but only if the treatment is administered for a longer period of time (more than 2 weeks)
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Sleepiness
  • Increased blood sugar, in some cases even diabetes mellitus, which will disappear once the treatment is discontinued
  • Liver damage

Cautions When Using Megestrol

Megestrol acetate may be administered in a wide range of female dogs, but should not be administered in dogs that are pregnant or lactating. Also, dogs with uterine cancer or uterine disease, diabetes or breast cancer should not get the drug.

Megestrol administered in conjunction with other drugs such as antibiotics or steroids may cause negative reactions. Consult your vet and let him know about the drugs your dog is taking.

If your dog develops allergic reactions after the first dose is administered, you should discontinue the treatment and talk to your vet to see what alternatives there are for you.

Megestrol Dosage

Megestrol is available in tablets of 5, 20 and 40 mg. However, the dosage should be established by your vet, after consulting your pet.

The vet will establish the suitable dosage judging by your dog’s medical condition, her age and her breed.

The length of treatment will depend on the purpose:

  • For the heat cycles and false pregnancy, the treatment is administered throughout 8 days
  • To suppress the heat cycle, a higher dose is recommended and is administered throughout a few days

Make sure you administer all the prescribed doses to complete the treatment and consult the vet if you notice severe adverse reactions.