Mitigating Dog Urinary Infection With Vitamin C

Symptoms of a dog urinary infection can sometimes be alleviated with doses of vitamin C. Bladder or urethra infections are caused by bacteria, which can migrate to the kidneys causing kidney disease in dogs, or acute kidney failure or bladder or kidney stones in dogs.

Symptoms Of A Dog Urinary Infection

* Increased/decreased/lack of urination * Urinating during the night * Increased water consumption/Dehydration * Blood in the urine * Decreased appetite/Weight loss * Vomiting/Diarrhea * Depression/Lethargy/Fever * Poor coat * Hunched over posture with reluctance to move * Swelling of the limbs or abdomen due to fluid accumulation * Pale mucous membranes resulting in anemia * Ulcers in the mouth (gums, tongue or inside of the cheek)/Bad breath * Softening jaw bones in young dogs (hereditary) * High blood pressure resulting in changes in the retina * Enlarged kidneys or small, irregular kidneys

Holistic Remedies

Some veterinarians prescribe herbs to prevent disease. Vitamin C acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Since Vitamin C can cause diarrhea, it may be necessary to alter the dose until the right dosage is found that your dog can tolerate.