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Feline Acne Solutions

Dear Dr. Richards, Regarding feline acne, I would like to share a treatment given me by a vet, Dr. Freund, who was in Lubbock and now is in El Paso, Texas. I struggled with the problem for years and had tried everything for my cats with the problem. I had contacted vet schools and done everything all the vets suggested. In a chance conversation (I live in Florida and went for a health certificate while traveling), Dr. Freund suggested that I feed my cat (I have one now) in a plate so that the food bits would be separate from each other. Within 10 days, my kitty's persistent feline acne was completely gone, and now, years later, it has never returned. Please pass this suggestion along. For me, it worked a miracle. Catfully yours, Karen

Grape Toxicity - Excellent Vet

Hello! I was checking out your web site and I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that you put the info about the grapes on the dog toxin page. I have a 98 lb, 6 yr old yellow lab that got into about 2 lbs of grapes about 3 years ago. He pulled a big bunch off the counter and got very ill. When I took him to my vet Martha Farkas, DVM at Belvoir Pet Hospital, South Euclid, OH, we thought he had ingested the plastic netting that grapes come in, but that was not the case. The vet called me later to say that he was in acute renal failure. He was rushed to a vet hospital on a Friday and they didn't think I would bring him home. They flushed him with IV's all weekend and he slowly recovered and I was able to bring him home the following Monday. My vet estimates that 70% of his kidneys were damaged and he was on medication for approx 1 year and he's still on the Iams Early Kidney food (will be on the kidney diet for the rest of his life). It took about 4 months for him to get back to normal. And we are down to check-ups once a year. My vet is excellent but had never heard how toxic grapes can be to dogs. I give her a lot of credit that she was able to save his life. Especially after reading how some dogs had to be euthanized due to poor response to treatment. About 6 months ago she sent me a copy of the article that you made reference to on your site. My dog loves fruit and I occasionally treat him to some. I never in a million years would have thought that grapes could kill a dog (they aren't allowed in our house any more).

To look at him now, you never would know he almost died. It's hard to tell what sort of health problems he faces, but I'm sure there will be complications. I'm glad your web site is out there to educate people on such a seemingly benign fruit. I don't wish what we went through on anyone.

Vikki 1/12/2002

Dr Springer and Staff

Your site is very interesting. We have a pet, she is Sally and she is a rat terrier, we love her very much she has been very sick. We are not sure of all the things that have happened except, that our vet Dr. Springer, is very special as is his staff. She may not live a long life but with their care and love it has been great. I guess I wish I could let everyone know how special they are. The beginning of your let about vets is pretty much true, just like with any thing you have to let people and your vet know how much you care, so people know if you are happy with them no matter the outcome. Let them know everyone needs a kind word. Thankyou also to you and your staff for helping people feel that they can have a place to come to, to seek info. See you soon, mrs. kay

My Veterinarian, Dr Hughs

It's been over five years ago that our one year old Dalmatian, Keystone, developed urinary stones and I couldn't afford to pay the high price of surgery and the veterinarian wouldn't accept payments. I cried like a baby! We had just adopted this dog and a cockerspaniel from the Humane Society here. We had just gotten all their shots and had them spayed and nuetured. The vet said "your dog needs to be put to sleep, he can't go the weekend in that condition." I just couldn't bring myself to having this beautiful animal destroyed. He said "surely you can't be that attached to him already? you've only had him a couple of months." I get attached easily I'm an animal lover," I told him. My daughter said get another opinion. I was sobbing so hard I couldn't even read the telephone numbers in the book. She dialed a few others that pretty much told me the same thing. Then our last attempt was with a new veterinarian that had just moved into town, DVM Mark A. Hughes. He went out of his way to try other methods before surgery. He ended up doing the surgery and so far, knock on wood, it has been a five year success story. Keystone owes his life to Dr. Hughes and we are deeply indebted for helping us to afford Keystones surgery like no one else would do. I just can't say enough about this Dr. and his staff. They are too wonderful! Darlyne