Natural Bladder Control for Dogs

Natural bladder control can make a significant difference when problems with urine leakage are being caused by incontinence. Incontinence in dogs can result from any number of conditions, including bladder stones, urinary tract infections or due to improper procedures when spaying female dogs. Problems with hormone regulation can also result in bladder leakage, and there are many conventional medications that can help to clear up the problem. To avoid any side effects that often occur as a result of chemicals and toxins used in prescription drugs, natural bladder control can be used, and it often produces a high rate of success.

Determine the Cause

While you can experiment with natural bladder control products to help clear up the issue of a leaking bladder, it may be important to first determine the cause of the problem. This way, you'll have an idea of what condition you're attempting to treat, rather than blindly seeking a resolution and waiting for results. Natural remedies often aim to strengthen the body and help to fight the cause of a problem, rather than simply mask its symptoms. Have your dog examined, or research possibilities to pinpoint which issue may be leading to urinary problems.


Homeopathy can provide one of the best natural bladder remedies, as it uses well-studied principles and helps to select a remedy that will match the totality of symptoms your dog is experiencing. Homeopathy often requires involvement of a specialist who can interview you, examine the dog and research the best remedy available, as different remedies will be used for different symptoms. For example, causticum is more appropriate for dogs with urinary problems due to age, whereas pulsatilla helps with dogs that leak urine when overly excited, resting or sleeping.

Herbal Remedies

Like homeopathy, herbal remedies can be effective natural bladder control substances when selected carefully. Most times, herbal remedies are put together as a mixture of several herbs that have properties which have been shown to successfully treat the issue in question. Your local pet store and online shops offer several different brands of natural and herbal bladder control solutions. Look for formulas that include only natural ingredients, with no preservatives or additives and that contain a good mixture of many different herbs and minerals, such as corn silk and saw palmetto, in this case. Using an herbal remedy treats the problem less specifically, so watch for signs of relief and use trial and error if the urinary leakage problems persist.

Dietary Changes

Research continues to point to poor diet as one of the leading causes of many health problems in dogs. Whether or not you intend to seek additional natural bladder control, you should strongly consider implementing dietary changes. Diets filled with raw ingredients, such as vegetables, can improve function of the immune system, help to strengthen weak muscles and urge your dog's body work more easily at removing toxins, fighting cancer and dissolving problematic disturbances such as bladder stones. Avoid grain-based foods, such as those frequently sold in grocery and pet stores.