Natural Dog Diarrhea Remedies

Dog diarrhea may occur due to a food the dog has consumed, but it may also be a symptom of a more serious health condition. Diarrhea may be cured with a change in diet, medications or by curing the underlying condition. However, there are a few natural remedies that may be applied: herbs and supplements.


Probiotics are harmless bacteria that can eliminate diarrhea, as they may restore the normal equilibrium of the micro flora in the digestive tract. Probiotics may be found in yogurts, but you need to make sure the yogurt is live cultured. Probiotics may also be bought from pharmacies.


Fibers can relive diarrhea and constipation at the same time. Fibers may be found in oatmeal, rice, pumpkin or flaxseeds. Add a few fibers to your dog's diet and the diarrhea should clear within 2 days.


There are a few herbs that may be added to your pet's food that will have a healing effect on diarrhea. Opt for herbs such as:

  • Slippery elm is a herb that treats diarrhea and will also have a soothing effect on the mucous membranes
  • Catnip can clear diarrhea and will also eliminate flatulence or stomach cramps
  • Licorice root has similar effects as corticosteroids and can get rid of inflammation and reduce diarrhea
  • Echinacea is an immune system booster and many cases of diarrhea occur in dogs with a weakened immune system

Natural Supplements

In addition to probiotics, which are particularly helpful in dogs with diarrhea you may also opt for a few nutritional supplements to give to your pet when he has diarrhea:

  • Digestive enzymes will facilitate the digestion and remove diarrhea
  • L glutamine is a natural remedy that protects the stomach and intestinal lining, so that the chronic diarrhea won't cause wounds
  • N acetyl glucosamine is a supplement that can relieve diarrhea and may also be used for dogs with the irritable bowel disease

Homeopathic Remedies

Diarrhea can be treated using some homeopathic remedies, which will be applied according to the type of diarrhea the dog displays:

  • Foul smelling diarrhea can be treated with a dilution of arsenicum album
  • Black diarrhea may be reduced with arsenicum album
  • Feces with mucus can be treated with a dilution of colocynthis, which may also relieve stomach pain and spasms
  • Diarrhea alternating with constipation in dogs may be eliminated with pulsatilla
  • Diarrhea accompanied by vomiting may be eliminated with arsenicum album or veratrum album

A homeopath can establish the type of dilution that is best for your dog's condition. The treatment may be different, depending on what other symptoms the dog displays.

Note that these natural remedies should only be applied if the dog has diarrhea which is not due to an underlying condition. If the dog is affected by a disease that causes chronic diarrhea, this condition should be diagnosed and treated. Otherwise the diarrhea will reoccur and may cause severe dehydration or other complications.