Characteristics of a Natural Dog Ear Infection Remedy

Ear infections are common in dogs, especially dogs with floppy ears. A natural dog ear infection remedy can often be used instead of antibiotics and other medications. You can use both topical remedies and internal remedies. These remedies, along with regular ear cleaning, can prevent the infection from spreading to your dog's inner ear where it can damage his hearing.

Topical Remedies

Apply ear washes to your dog's ear and flush his ear canal. The ingredients vary depending on the type of ear infection your dog has.

A solution of equal parts vinegar and clean water works well for fungal infections, the cause of swimmer's ear, and yeast infections. You can add alcohol to soften the wax if necessary. Don't use alcohol if your dog's ears are bleeding.

A host of herbs can be used to make natural ear washes for both fungal and bacterial infections. Calendula has strong antifungal properties. Mullein, garlic, Oregon grape and neem oil are good for bacterial infections.

Internal Remedies

Chronic canine ear infection can indicate that your dog's immune system has been weakened. Supplements can help boost your dog's immune system to fight off the infections.

Probiotics replenish the friendly bacteria in your dog's intestines, allowing him to get the nutrient from his food.

Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) strengthen your dog's immune system and help fight inflammation.

Antioxidants protect your dog's cells from free radical damage that may lead to dog ear infection.

Digestive enzymes can help your dog get the most from his food. Good digestion can help reduce inflammatory processes.

Ear infections in dogs can be frustrating for you and uncomfortable for your dog, but natural remedies can provide a safe solution.