Natural Dog Flea Wash Products

Natural dog flea wash products include non-chemical ingredients which are known for repelling fleas. These products use ingredients like herbs, plants, essential oils and other naturally occurring substances. Singularly or combined together, natural products provide a safe alternative to toxins normally contained in over-the-counter or prescription dog flea control products. Because these are natural and herbal based products, you may find that results will take a little longer to obtain than expected. In the meantime, it may be beneficial to inspect and groom your dog regularly for the removal of fleas. Also remember to treat surrounding areas, yard and bedding with natural flea control products.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is one of the leading substances used as an insecticide in natural dog flea wash products. DE is a naturally occurring mineral substance of soft, sedimentary rock that crumbles easily to form a fine, whitish powder. This mineral is non-toxic to pets but lethal to fleas and ticks. When this powder covers a flea's body, its shell is cut, leaving it to dehydrate and die within hours of application. Lack of chemical ingredients not only keeps your home and family safe, but also removes the possibility for fleas to become resistant to the chemical treatment. This mineral leaves fleas no way to adapt or survive. DE can be used on a dog's fur, in bedding, carpets, furniture and in the yard. It's important to note that much of a flea's lifespan is spent hopping around on furniture, and it only jumps on your dog for a meal. Complete treatment of all the other areas your dog frequents will significantly lower the chance of picking up more fleas.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used singularly, or mixed together to form an effective solution to rid your dog of fleas. Many different essential oils have insecticidal properties, or natural chemicals toxic to fleas but not dogs. Drops of these particular essential oils can usually be squirted on your dog's collar, or diluted with water and sprayed on the fur. If using the spray wash method, be sure the solution stays on long enough to penetrate through the fur. You may want to thoroughly shampoo the dog an hour or so after treatment to prevent sticky fur or skin irritation. You should find one or several of these different types of essential oils in specially formulated natural dog flea wash products.

  • Cedar oil - Works to repel insects
  • Tea tree oil - Can be used to deter fleas as well as soothe bites already present
  • Lavendar oil - Repels fleas, but does not kill them
  • Citronella oil - Pesticide properties help to repel many insects, including fleas
  • Rosemary leaf - Another known deterrent of fleas and ticks
  • Eucalyptus - Cineole-based forms of this oil are known for pesticide and insect deterrent properties
  • Apple cider vinegar - Ingredient may be used in products, or you can spray on directly as a 50/50 water solution