Natural Remedies for Treating a Cat Cold

There are many natural remedies for treating a cat cold. For the most effective treatment, determine the cause of the cold, whether cat flu, infection or virus, and proceed with the appropriate treatment.

Determining the Cause of Cat Cold

Sneezing and a runny nose are signs of the typical cat cold, caused by a bacterial infection in the nose membrane. If the cat is exposed to cold weather or is dehydrated, the nose's thin membrane, which is the cat's defense against bacteria, is infected or dried out, letting bacteria freely pass through. Bacterial infections will produce the same symptoms as a common cold, but may be the means of a more serious respiratory disease. Have your vet give an assessment of the cold if the nose discharge turns yellow or green.

A low immune system is also the culprit of many cat infections. Boosting your cat's immune system will be a good approach to improving her health if she is frequently ill.

Viral infections may also cause the cold. If the runny nose discharge is clear and fluid, your cat probably has a viral infection. These are not cured by medicine, but should run their course. However, you can make your cat a little more comfortable with some natural remedies.

Vitamin C as a Natural Remedy

Vitamin C is known as one of the best immunity boosters for any person or pet with a cold. The vitamin is loaded with citric acid, which supplies the cell with much needed compounds necessary for manufacturing energy in molecular form. With more Vitamin C in the body, cells have more energy to fight off infection and speed recovery. Many pet owners find that a daily dose of a quarter tablet of Vitamin C for four days will bring the cold to a quick end.

To administer the Vitamin C, place tablet as close to the back of the mouth as possible and keep some fresh water ready to wash out the taste. If your cat does not like to swallow tablets, dilute with a half teaspoon of water and insert in a syringe. With the syringe (needle removed), give the Vitamin C solution to your cat at the far back of the mouth, just as with the tablet. Herbal Remedies

Antiviral herbs are also great natural remedies for a cat cold. Elderberry and licorice are effective herbal remedies. The licorice root is the natural equivalent of cortisone, and soothes the mucus membranes. This will reduce the sneezing and runny nose. Elderberry flowers can be made into a tea and fed to your cat in liquid form (the raw leaves are toxic). These flowers will also treat the runny nose and sneezing.

Herbal tablets are frequently used by pet owners in place of the fresh herbs. These biochemical tablets relieve cold symptoms with a variety of compounds such as calcium sulphide, ferrum phos and mullein leaves.

Natural remedies for cat cold will help ease your cat's infection period and concurrently boost immunity. Vitamin C and other herbal remedies will treat common cold symptoms and viral infections.