Natural Remedies to Control Bladder Problems in Dogs

There are several things you can do to control bladder problems in your dog. If your pet suffers from frequent urinary tract infections, you may have to give him medications for the rest of his life. Most conventional medicines contain active ingredients that are known to cause severe side effects in pets. Due to this reason, more pet owners are looking for natural remedies to treat urinary tract infections and promote bladder health.

Bladder Problems

Dogs often develop bladder problems when the urinary tract infectionspreads to the bladder. Such pets suffer from pain a nd discomfort when passing urine. The dog may also cry out in pain while urinating and pass little to no urine even though he goes out very frequently to urinate. Bladder problems can also arise due to the presence of bladder stones. These stones also known as uroliths occur in varying types.

Based on their composition, some stones dissolve with the help of medication and dietary modification. Others have to be surgically extracted.

Treatment of Bladder Problems

The vet will first perform a series of tests to confirm diagnosis. Blood tests, urine analysis, abdominal X-rays and ultrasounds are the most commonly used diagnostic tests. Depending on the severity of the infection present, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed. Although these medicines effectively treat bladder problems, they can’t be relied upon as a long term solution to the problem.

Dogs suffering from chronic infections require herbal supplements and natural remedies to control bladder problems. The most widely used natural remedy for canine bladder problems is PetAlive Better Bladder Control. This formula reduces incontinence and strengthens the sphincter muscles around the urethra. Besides this, there are several other herbal and natural remedies that you can choose from.

Natural Remedies Include:

  • Simple Medicinals Bladder Control for Pets
  • VS Bladder Strength for Dogs
  • Love My Pet Kidney Bladder Relief
  • Only Naturals Pet Chinese Herbal Blends Bladder
  • Pet Naturals of Vermont Bladder Support for Dogs
  • Only Natural Pet Tract Ease Plus for Dogs
  • Newton Homoeopathics Bladder Kidney


It’s important to read and follow package instructions to prevent an overdose. You should also discuss the benefits of administering any given herbal remedy with the vet before purchasing the product because several herbal and natural products cause drug interactions when they’re administered along with conventional medicines.

Not all herbs are suited to dogs. Since some herbs prove toxic, avoid making your own herbal preparations at home and exclusively use commercially available remedies that are formulated for use in dogs.


Dogs suffering from bladder problems and urinary tract infections need to be monitored carefully by their pet owners. In some cases, urinary tract infections lead to urethral blockage and this is a serious condition that could lead to death. Since urine gets trapped in the body due to the obstruction, the pet suffers from a buildup of toxic substances and electrolyte imbalance. Such pets require prompt surgical intervention to survive.

Along with natural remedies you could also feed your pet a nutritious diet that doesn’t lead to the formation of kidney or bladder stones.