Natural Thyroid Treatment for Dogs

One of the biggest concerns for many pet owners looking for a thyroid treatment for their dogs is that the treatment itself not cause the pet any other health concerns. It's an unfortunate truth that some medicines provide a better set of benefits than others, and that certain medicines may also cause your pet to suffer from some unforeseen or potentially serious health side effects. If you're interested in avoiding standard medical treatments for your pet's thyroid problems, or if you're simply looking to supplement standard thyroid treatments with a natural supplement or addition, read on.

How Natural Thyroid Treatment Can Help

The thyroid is one of the most important glands in your pet's body. It is responsible for the production of multiple types of hormones. These hormones flow throughout your dog's bloodstream and are responsible for maintaining a wide variety of functions. Among the various functions that they'll protect include the metabolism, digestion and growth of your pet. When a vet says that your pet has a thyroid problem, it likely means that the gland itself is either producing too little or too much of one or more of these hormones.

In order to treat the symptoms of the condition that your pet has, the best way to resolve the problem is to provide him with a set of thyroid hormones to balance out his imbalanced hormone levels. However, these hormones can be difficult to control through medicine, and it's possible that your pet may experience some other type of imbalance as a result of measuring errors. Thus, natural treatments are a good alternative. Natural thyroid treatment can help to boost the thyroid function without introducing foreign thyroid hormones into your pet's body. They work to restore the normal health of the thyroid.


Astragalas is popular in parts of Asia. It is used as a supplement to aid in the endocrine system in general, of which the thyroid is a part. It can be helpful in regulating hormone levels throughout the blood and in ensuring that the thyroid gland is functioning properly.


Bladderwack is a type of kelp, a sea plant that grows in salt water. Fresh kelp or bladderwack supplements can help to regulate your pet's overproduction of thyroid hormones. Therefore, if your dog suffers from hyperthyroidism, you may consider giving him a dosage of bladderwack regularly to control the production of those hormones in his system. However, it's important that you be careful that any bladderwack you give to your dog be uncontaminated.

As with any other potentially serious medical condition, it's highly advisable that you work directly with a veterinarian in order to ensure that your pet gets all of the quality care that he needs. While natural remedies can help to treat your pet, your top priority should be restoring your pet to a healthy balance of hormones, and this is most quickly and effectively achieved with the help of a vet.