Natural Treatment for Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs

Sarcoptic mange in dogs is also known as scabies and is a condition caused by parasites. The condition can affect dogs of any age and will be manifested through itchiness and skin irritation, which can lead to hair loss and skin damage. The sarcoptic mange can be treated with traditional topical ointments, but there are also natural treatments available.

Sarcoptic Mange Symptoms

The sarcoptic mange is caused by parasites or mites that may affect areas with less hair such as the face, ears, chest, belly and elbows. However, the infection can spread to other areas of the body as well.

The symptoms of sarcoptic mange are similar to allergic reactions to various factors and may include:

  • Skin itchiness, which can persist for up to 4 weeks
  • Redness, which starts with rashes in the affected areas but can spread over the entire body
  • Hair loss, especially if the condition is not treated and the dog scratches his skin in excess
  • Skin wounds and infections due to the licking and scratching of skin

The condition is highly contagious, so if your dog is suspected of sarcoptic mange, he should be kept in isolation. The mites can thrive in moist and cool environments.

Sarcoptic Mange Traditional Treatment

The sarcoptic mange is a severe skin condition that can lead to serious complications if left untreated. The infection can spread all over the dog’s body and the dog will experience a lot of discomfort.

A skin scraping test can give conclusive results as to whether the dog has sarcoptic mange or another skin condition.

The traditional treatment will include local solutions that will kill the mange. However, the dog’s environment must also be treated, as the mites may survive and re-infect the dog.

However, these traditional treatments contain insecticides that will often irritate the dog’s skin further. Also, these solutions are not suitable for puppies or dogs that have a decreased immunity.

Sarcoptic Mange Natural Treatment

The sarcoptic mange can be treated using a number of natural treatments, which will be less likely to cause irritation on the dog’s skin and will have zero side effects.

Garlic can be used on the dog’s skin and can kill the mange and fight secondary bacterial infections. Use garlic powder, but pay attention, as the dog shouldn’t lick his skin because garlic can be toxic in high amounts.

Other natural treatments for sarcoptic mange may include:

  • Wormwood, which are particularly effective for ear mites
  • Neem is an alternative solution and will have the effects of an insecticide, with no secondary effects; in addition, the neem will also soothe the skin and allow it to heal
  • Lemongrass is also a natural insecticide and also soothes the skin
  • Niaoli is an excellent antiseptic, which can be found in concentrated solutions, which can be applied to clean the skin prior to administering the other natural insecticides and antibiotics.