Natural Treatments for Ringworm in dogs

Because it is a fungus, ringworm in dogs requires no treatment. Your veterinarian may suggest anti-fungal medications in severe cases, but in most cases the fungus goes away in a few weeks. Natural treatments remain effective methods for treating the fungus in an animal-friendly way.

Not every homeopathic remedy will work on ringworm in dogs. It depends on the type of ringworm fungus and the severity of the rash.

Ringworm Fungus Spreads to Humans

Because the ringworm fungus affects dogs, cats and humans, it's important to wear latex gloves when bathing or treating your dog. If a human becomes infected with the fungus, they develop an itchy, ring-shaped rash that may scab over.

To prevent the fungus from spreading to those in your household or other pets, it's important to wash the infected pet's bedding frequently and use remedies that help heal the itchy patches.

Treating Ringworm in Dogs with Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidity in apple cider vinegar can kill ringworm fungus. Rinse your dog's entire coat with apple cider vinegar and then allow to air dry.

It's meant for mild cases, however, and should be used with caution in dogs with open sores from the rash. The acidity will sting if applied to broken skin.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a known disinfectant that helps with many skin conditions. A quality shampoo with tea tree oil will help alleviate many cases of ringworm.

Tea tree oil is harmful to cats. If you own a cat, try to keep the cat from grooming your dog for a day or so.

Holy Basil Treats Ringworm

Extract juice from the Holy Basil plant to treat ringworm in dogs. The juice is a powerful disinfectant that helps speed healing. Holy Basil is related to the herb, but resembles cloves.

End Ringworm in Dogs with Goa Powder

Goa powder or Chrysarobinum is an irritant that kills bacteria and fungus. Goa powder comes from the trunk of the Andira Araroba tree and is rich in chrysophanic acid. It's similar in color to iodine. Goa powder will stain skin and any material that it comes into contact with.

Mix the powder with lemon juice or vinegar to create a paste that is applied to ringworm rashes for up to eight days. While it is great at eliminating the ringworm fungus, goa powder irritates skin causing pain and discomfort. Be prepared to offer relief for the irritation if you try this remedy.

Treating Ringworm in Dogs with Household Groceries

Chances are you already have some well known fungus treatments in your cupboards. Make a paste of honey and turmeric powder and apply it to any ringworm lesions. The mixture kills bacteria, is anti-inflammatory and helps ringworm lesions heal faster.

Slices of papaya placed on lesions help soothe the itching and aid in healing. If you prefer, make a paste of the papaya flesh and then cover it with gauze.

Mustard powder offers anti-fungal benefits. Grind up mustard seeds and then mix into a paste with filtered water or honey. Spread directly on the lesions. Mustard powder can stain furniture and carpeting, so you may want to quarantine your dog for a few hours.