Natural Vomiting Remedies for Dogs

Any dog owner should keep a list of vomiting remedies handy around the house for general reference. Nearly every dog will go through periods in which they'll vomit over the course of their lifetimes. It's typically a matter of the pet eating something that he's not supposed to. Because dogs are naturally curious and explorative eaters, it is common for them to ingest some items which may react badly with their systems.

The body's natural reaction to the introduction of a material like this is to vomit it up. Vomiting can also be a more serious sign of an underlying condition, however. It's important to not only work to treat the vomiting as a symptom but also to identify whether it is a sign of some more critical condition. Read on for some natural vomiting remedies for dogs to use at home.

Bland Food Diets

Bland food diets are among the best ways to keep your pet healthy and to avoid recurring vomiting episodes. These diets are avialable either through pet food stores or, for less money, at home. Simply mix two thirds of a portion of food that consists of cottage cheese and cooked white rice with one third of a portion of plain cooked chicken. Top the dish with a couple of scoops of plain yogurt. This meal is healthy for your pet, balanced in terms of nutrition, and also encourages him to maintain proper bacteria balance in his digestive system, thereby reducing his tendency to vomit.

Catnip Can Ease a Dog's Stomach

Although catnip inspires hyperactivity in many cats, it is effective at calming most dog's stomachs. This means that providing a small pinch of catnip in with your pet's meal or along with a treat that he eats can help to reduce the likelihood that he'll vomit that food back up shortly after eating. Be careful not to give your pet catnip too often or to give him too much of it, however, as large quantities can cause indigestion and other problems.


Alfalfa supplements are a fantastic general way of maintaining your pet's proper health. In the case of vomiting and other problems related to the digestive tract, alfalfa can help to keep your pet's stomach lining fully healthy. This prevents acids and other biles and substances from permeating into his stomach, which may cause him to vomit. Alfalfa is also rich in Vitamin K, which helps to maintain proper digestive system health in your pet as well.


Ginger supplements are a great way to help prevent your pet from vomiting if he tends to vomit as a result of motion sickness. If this is the case, give your pet a ginger supplement as he gets into the car for a ride in a vehicle which may cause him to become sick.

For more information about how to treat your pet's vomiting, and for help in identifying any underlying causes that may be contributing to that vomiting, take your pet in to the vet today.