Nemex for Cats

Nemex for cats is a medicine that is used to help get rid of worms in your pet's body. Worms can infect your cat at virtually any point in his life, but many newborn kittens have worms because of their mother. These cases are difficult to deal with, owing to the fact that the kitten is very fragile. Nemex is one of a very small number of drugs that is safe for cats at almost any age. The drug is mild on the animal while effective at eliminating the parasite.

Nemex Overview

Nemex works by paralyzing and disabling the attaching sections of the worms that live in your pet's body. This results in the worm having to detach from your cat's intestine, and then being flushed out in the feces. Nemex is especially helpful in ridding cats of hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. Nemex is a brand name formulation of the generic drug called pyrantel pamoate.

Using Nemex for Your Cat

Nemex is approved by the FDA for use in cats and humans alike. It comes in a variety of different formulations, with the primary difference between human and veterinary versions of the medicine being the mode of delivery and the size of the doses. Because of the gentle nature of this medicine, it is highly recommended for deworming in cats that are very young. This property of the medicine also makes it suitable for animals that may be debilitated by other medical conditions or age.

The Nemex medicine comes as a tablet, as an oral suspension, and as a syrup. Most vets will recommend that you provide your pet with the medicine about once every two or three weeks. You'll have to continue to monitor your pet's health and stool samples after the duration of the medicine to see if additional treatments are necessary. If any eggs remain in your pet's body, you'll need to continue with follow up treatments as well.

Side Effects and Risks of Nemex

The single most common side effect of this medicine is vomiting. The overall safety of this medicine is what makes it one of the best choices for cats of all ages and health levels. Still, you should not provide a very old or debilitated cat with a Nemex treatment unless there is a very specific reason to suspect that he may be suffering from parasites.

The dosage of the medicine is typically about 2.5 to 5 milligrams per pound of cat. Given in this appropriate dose, any side effects and negative reactions are quite uncommon. However, you should always work with your vet in order to determine the best way to provide your pet with this medicine as well as the proper dosage and administration schedule as well. Any side effects should be reported to a vet immediately.