The Case for Adopting From No Kill Dog Shelters

No kill dog shelters provide stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs a chance for fulfilled lives and loving homes. Although all humane dog shelters are admirable, adopting from a no kill dog shelter may be the best choice a prospective dog owner can make.

Why Adoption Is Better Than Purchasing

There are many reasons why adopting dogs from no kill dog shelters is better than purchasing dogs from a breeder or pet store, including:

  • Healthier dogs - Although this is not always the case, breeders and pet stores often offer pure bred dogs with more health problems than shelter dogs, due to poor cage conditions and inbreeding.
  • Save money - Adopting from a dog pound or shelter costs literally hundreds or thousands of dollars less than purchasing a dog from a breeder or pet store and the money goes toward a good cause.

Why Adopting From No Kill Shelters Saves Lives

Some prospective dog owners may choose to adopt from a dog pound that kills, explaining that they're thus saving a life. However, adopting from no kill dog shelters can also save dogs' lives by:

  • Supporting the no kill program - No kill shelters usually operate on volunteers' time and donations. The adoption fees are usually less than the money the shelters have spent on dog vaccinations, surgery and care. Without steady adoption and donations, these shelters would have to shut down.
  • Opening a spot - No kill shelters would love to save all animals, but they usually have a limited number of animals to which they can devote their limited resources. Adopt a dog and give another dog the chance to be taken in by the shelter.