Organic Dog Food for Kidney Disease

Organic dog food offers a wide range of different benefits over standard types of dog food. This makes it a popular choice for many pet owners. There are also benefits to giving your pet organic food that is specially formulated for dogs with kidney disease, when your dog suffers from that condition. Kidney disease can be a very painful, difficult process for your pet to go through. While it's not possible to treat this condition and eliminate it, there are a number of ways in which you can help to relieve his symptoms and slow the course of the disease, thereby giving your pet additional healthy months or even years. Organic dog foods can help to do this, as diet is a large part of most veterinary kidney disease management plans.

Low Protein

Organic and standard types of dog foods that are intended for pets suffering from kidney problems, including kidney disease, most often limit the quantity of meat-based protein in the diet. This is helpful for your pet for a number of different reasons. The food is easier for his body to digest; meat takes a long time to pass through his system and puts his kidneys to work in ways that other food does not. This will limit the stress placed upon his kidneys. Additionally, some meat contains enzymes and other ingredients which must be filtered out of the body by the kidneys. By limiting the quantity of meat that your pet eats, you'll be better able to preserve his kidneys and keep the stress on them to a minimum.

Low Phosphorous

Phosphorous can cause a lot of problems for dogs with kidney issues. Phosphorous is known to combine with calcium and form deposits in the kidneys. This leads to general kidney stress and specific kidney cell damage. As this occurs, your pet may experience an exacerbation of his kidney problems and a speeding up of the overall degeneration of his kidney function. Therefore, limiting the phosphorous in the organic food that is specially designed for pets with kidney disease can help to ease the stress on your pet's kidneys and keep him healthier for a longer period of time.

High Quality Protein

For many pets, the quality of the protein in their food is just as important as the amount of protein that they receive. You'll find that your dog will be much better able to respond healthily if he has a good quality protein source. This is true in general, but it's especially pertinent for pets with kidney disease. This is also one of the major strengths of organic dog food over standard food; the quality of the ingredients is, in general, is significantly higher than it would be otherwise.

Ask your vet for additional ideas about how to properly give your pet the best diet for his needs if he develops kidney disease.