Organic Supplements for Dogs

Before you begin to give your pet organic supplements for dogs, it's important that you discuss any options with your veterinarian. Pet foods are designed to be able to deliver all of the necessary ingredients and nutrients that your pet needs in order to be healthy. Therefore, a pet that eats a healthy, regular diet of a high quality pet food will generally not require supplementation. Supplementation can be helpful, however, in cases in which the quality of the food is lowered or if a health condition requires it. As with any other type of food, pet foods oftentimes lose many of their nutrients in the cooking process, and supplements can be helpful in remedying those deficiencies.

K9Power for Dogs

K9Power is one of the leading brands of organic nutritional supplements for dogs. This company provides a wide variety of different types of supplements, including vitamins, mineral supplementation, immune system boosters, joint support, and skin and hair boosters. All of the various products released by K9Power are made from organic and natural materials. Some of the common materials used in these supplements include:

  • Alfalfa
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Marine animal proteins
  • Calcium
  • Cranberry

This brand is trusted by many veterinarians as being a high quality brand of supplements. However, it's nonetheless important that you consult with a vet before giving your pet any product by K9Power.

Flying Basset Organic Products

Flying Basset is another common brand of organic nutritional supplements marketed specifically for pets. The selling point for this brand of supplements is that the products that they use are of a high enough quality that they can be included in human supplements as well. Most of the supplements are made from plant materials, and they include a wide variety of benefits. It's possible to find organic products from this line that feature a combined mixture of nutrients for an overall health benefit, or you can isolate supplement materials to target a particular deficiency in your pet's diet.

Notes About Organic Supplements

While organic supplements can be very helpful in many ways for a dog, it's important to understand the potential risks of these products as well. Unlike medicines, organic nutritional supplements are not tested and regulated by the FDA. This means that there may be unknown risks and side effects associated with the products. Additionally, it's crucial that you confirm that none of the products that you give to your pet contain ingredients which may be poisonous or harmful to him; never give your dog supplements that are designed for humans for this reason. With proper care and management of the supplements that you provide to your pet, you can help to benefit his health without putting him at risk.

Consult with your vet for proper dosing and administration procedures for organic supplements. Most of these products will be given orally, although there may be alternative methods for providing a dose for pets that are not willing to eat the pills themselves.