Paramite Dip Treatment for Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs

Sarcoptic mange in dogs is a skin disease caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mites. Dogs of all ages and breeds are susceptible to this highly contagious and common disease.

Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs

Sarcoptic mange or canine scabies is a very itchy skin condition caused by parasitic mites. Dogs living in multi-dog households, kennels and animal shelters are more susceptible to this condition although pets with minimum contact with other dogs can also contract this disease.

Sarcoptes Scabiei

Sarcoptes scabiei are microscopic mites burrow deep into the dog’s skin and lay eggs beneath the surface of the skin. This causes an allergic reaction that leads to extreme itchiness. The mite is killed because of the aggressive scratching and such dogs often test negative for the presence of these mites.

Mites prefer hairless areas on the dog’s body. Initially the ears, the elbows, the chest and the belly are affected but as the disease progresses, the entire body is affected.

Symptoms of Sarcoptic Mange in Dogs:

  • Severe itchiness
  • Loss of hair
  • Red and inflamed skin
  • Crusty ear tips
  • Red pustules with yellow crusts all over the body

Paramite Dips

The most effective way to treat a dog with sarcoptic mange is to trim his hair, bathe him with a benzoyl peroxide shampoo and apply a Paramite dip. Paramite dips are organophosphates and are effective against ticks, fleas and mites responsible for sarcoptic mange in dogs.

Paramite is a sponge-on treatment for sarcoptic mange and can generally control sarcoptic mange in one treatment. It’s a topical application treatment with none of the side effects that are associated with injections or tablets.

Directions for Paramite Dip Use

  1. Always apply a Paramite dip in a well ventilated area and wear gloves when you handle this product as it’s toxic in nature.
  2. Mix 1 ounce of Paramite dip in 1 gallon of water and sponge it onto the pet’s skin until it’s wet.
  3. Place your pet’s feet in a basin and let them be soaked in the dip.
  4. Allow the dip to dry on your pet and don’t touch him until the dip has dried off.
  5. Ensure that you don’t rinse off the dip.
  6. Repeat the treatment after a period of 14 days.
  7. You should ensure that your pet doesn’t get wet in the period between 2 treatments. 
  8. At least 3 applications are required for the treatment to succeed.

Disadvantages of Paramite Dips

This product is contraindicated in dogs less than 12 weeks old and pregnant dogs. Although these dips are effective, they’re very offensive both for pets and their owners. They can be toxic to humans and extreme care is recommended when using them. Since most mites live on the ears and the face of your pet, you have to be careful when the dip comes in contact with these sensitive areas of the pet’s body.

Some cases of resistance to Paramite dips have been reported. If there is no improvement in 14 days, you should have your pet checked by a vet.

Paramite dips require no prescription and although they are very effective, they have been discontinued because of their toxicity.