Paw Wax for Dogs

Paw wax for dogs is a handy product on the market many professionals use for a few different reasons.

Defining Paw Wax

Paw waxis made from a variety of waxes blended together and put on the pads of your dog's feet to give them a slightly tacky feel. Several waxes exist and claim to do different things, but most commonly it is used by professional show dogs or sled-pulling dogs. Note that you should never use paw wax for medical reasons unless recommended by your vete rinarian. Some owners think if their dog cuts his paw that paw wax will help keep it protected, however it could actually cause more dirt to stick to it given the slightly sticky feel.

Paw Wax for Mushing Dogs

Mushing wax, such as Musher's Secret, are designed for dogs who spend a lot of time in the snow or other extremely cold elements. This paw wax is placed all over the bottoms of the feet and between the toes to create a waxy covering. It's this covering that not only protects your dog's paws from cracking and bleeding due to the cold, but prevents snowballing. Snowballing is where bits of snow ball up between the dog's pads and toes; these can be very painful for your dog. Lastly, this kind of wax has the added benefit of being good for the hot weather, too, in protecting paws from hot asphalt or concrete.

Paw Wax for Show Dogs

Show and agility dogs are expected to have perfect posture and a perfect gait, which can be tricky to obtain when walking those shiny smooth dog-show floors. Paw wax, because it is slightly tacky, helps your dog get a better grip on the floor and can help to avoid slipping and sliding, especially when precision is so important for agility shows or training.

Healing Paw Wax

Some waxes aren't advertised for any specific use other than to be used as a sort of balm for cracked and dry feet. Many dogs who spend a lot of time outside, especially in cold, dry weather or hot, dry weather, suffer from dry paws. Extreme cracking can lead to bleeding and other severe problems like infections, so healing balm isn't a bad thing to have around to help soothe painful paws.

Paw Wax at Home

Paw wax is not only for mushing dogs or show dogs, although wax use is usually geared toward them. Some owners with hardwood floors in their homes might use this wax to help their dogs get around. This is especially useful for dogs suffering from arthritis, who have a hard time getting up and down, and might be more prone to slipping on smooth floors.

Administering Paw Wax

Paw wax is placed onto the pads of the feet, as well as between the pads and toes. Some owners cover the nails in it as well to give a shiny and healthy appearance.

Cost of Paw Wax

This varies on the brand, but expect to pay between $5 (for a small container) upwards to $30 for a larger one.