Physical Therapy for an Injured Dog

An injured dog may benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy can help to relieve pain and speed up the healing process. It is highly recommended for injured dogs and has no side effects.

What Is Animal Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy for animals may contain a number of techniques including massage, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, stretching, electrical currents, heat and cold alternation or treadmill workouts. The therapy is performed by trained individuals that should be familiar with your dog's condition and past injuries.

Your vet will prescribe your dog physical therapy that will be the most beneficial type for their injury. If your dog is healthy enough and strong, treadmills may help improve his state and strengthen his heart.

Older dogs with joint problems will not be able to do more than low impact therapies, so treadmills will not be recommended; instead electrical currents, ultrasound or hydrotherapy may work wonders. These will not exhaust your dog but will offer the necessary therapy to relieve pain and heal the injuries.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps the dogs in many ways. It will increase mobility, relieve pain, increase agility, build up and strengthen muscles, help in weight loss. If the dog is depressed or stressed, physical therapy may also be a good treatment.

An injured dog will have to follow certain physical therapy instructions so as to avoid further injuries. Regular sessions of physical therapy will strengthen the immune system and make the dog less susceptible to diseases.

After the Physical Therapy Sessions

After the physical therapy sessions are over, you will have to make additional efforts for optimal results. You will need to massage your dog-but be gentle so as not to injure your pet. Your duty will also include applying some ointments and ice on your dog's affected muscles. The therapist will give your all the necessary instructions, so that you can help your pet as well. It is essential to understand the importance of your role in this treatment. Without this extra work at home, physical therapy will be less effective.

The Cost of Physical Therapy

The cost of physical therapy may vary depending on each particular case. An initial consultation should cost around $100 to $200. After that, according to each type of therapy, the sessions will be between $50 and $75 per day and the entire therapy could cost anywhere between $500 and $1500. The total price also depends on the frequency of the sessions.

This may seem pricey; however if you get pet insurance, this will cover the costs of the physical therapy. You can also reduce the cost by reducing the frequency of the sessions and doing more work at home.

Physical therapy for animals will show results even after the first session. However, full recovery from past injuries will need 2 to 5 months of intensive physical therapy and some additional work at home.