Is Paying A Premium for Natural Dog Food Necessary?

Premium natural dog food might seem prohibitively expensive. However, you can feed your dog naturally and still save money by making your own premium natural dog food at home! Here are some tips to help you keep dog food costs down and still feed your dog natural, high quality food.

Recycle Unused Edibles

Vegetable and fruit peelings, unused stalks and leftovers can be a great addition to your homemade natural dog food. Simply cook until soft, and then mash them into the food. This will save you money, reduce your household's waste output and add vitamins to your dog's diet.

Use Grains

Dog food companies usually use grains, such as rice, corn or wheat, in their dog foods. Rice and oatmeal are two of the cheapest whole grains you can use to make your dog's homemade natural dog food more filling. Bread crumbs are also a good throw in, and they ensure that stale loaf won't go to waste.

Don't Forget the Meat

Your dog needs protein to be healthy. When making dog food at home, you'll want to add beef, chicken, lamb or fish. Avoid raw pork, as it can be contaminated with trichinosis, and avoid raw liver, as it can give your dog vitamin A poisoning if you feed him too much.

Avoid Foods Toxic to Dogs

Don't feed your dog grapes, citrus, onions, garlic, walnuts or chocolate, as these foods are toxic to dogs. Avoid sugar and bones, as they can splinter and injure your dog's intestinal tract.