Preparing Your Home for a New Kitten

Bringing home a new kitten is an exciting time, but it requires a large amount of preparation, especially if you already have cats in your house.

Kitten-Proofing Your Home

When a kitten moves into a new home he will want to explore and check out his new surroundings. A kitten should never be allowed to roam around the house by himself, or be let outdoors, so make sure you are always watching him. Watch out for any low-hanging cords or curtains on windows, exposed outlets and power cords, and plants on the ground that a kitten could eat. Also, keep the floors clear of small objects and move breakable objects a kitten may reach from the floor. Kittens can also damage furniture and carpets with clawing so a scratching post, cat tree or scratching pad is a smart investment to save your furniture and keep your kitten happy and healthy.

Buying the Right Kitten Products

Scratching posts are one of many products for kitten-proofing your home and creating a comfortable, healthy, safe and welcoming environment.

A baby kitten needs the right nutrients to grow, build a healthy immune system and develop properly. A high quality kitten semi-moist or wet food should have plenty of protein from the right kind of ingredients like named animal meat sources and not unspecific by-products or meals, along with fats, vitamins like arginine, minerals and have no preservatives and additives.

Water and food bowls should be easy to clean, difficult to knock over for playful kittens and placed far away from the litter box; your kitten will not want to use the box if it is close to where he eats. The box should be about 6 feet away for kittens over 14 weeks old and at a smaller distance for younger kittens that can be more forgetful when it comes to using the litter box. When purchasing a litter box choose one that is low enough for your kitten to reach.

Introducing Your Kitten to Other Pets

When you bring a new kitten into your home it can be helpful to give the kitten his own room or cornered-off area of the house. This space will allow you to keep an eye on him, make him more comfortable in new surroundings and keep him away from any other pets you may have in the home which is especially important if your kitten is not vaccinated. Put the litter box, food and water bowls, and a bed in this area or room.

An older cat may be territorial and less than welcoming. Bring a towel with your older cat's scent on it and leave it in your kitten's area. Do the same with a towel that smells like the new kitten and bring it to your older cat. Your other cats will also not be happy about sharing their litter box or food and water bowl with your new addition so having a special area set up for the kitten with his own litter box and bowls is important.