Preventing Dog Worms With Vermicides

Responsible dog owners can prevent the infection of dog worms to their pet by maintaining a vermicide regimen from the time their dog is a puppy on. A vermicide is an agent that kills worms, with an emphasis on intestinal worms. The vehicles of the vermicide are varied, and can be found in pill, paste, liquid and injection form.

Vermicide Kills Dog Worms in Stomach

Vermicides kill some of the most common intestinal parasites that live in your dog's stomach. Medications like Panacur C Canine Dewormer, in combination with cautionary measures like cleaning up after your dog and staying away from infected animals, can keep your dog healthy.

You should note that the vermicide does not prevent infection, so it shouldn't be used as a prophylactic treatment. Vermicides act by killing worms already infecting your dog.

How Was My Puppy Infected By Worms?

98% of puppies are born with a roundworm infestation. Regardless of whether or not the mother tests negative, when she gets pregnant, roundworm larvae that have been laying dormant in her intestinal tissue are activated, passing to the puppy in utero. The puppy will then be infected.

What Course of Treatment Should I Use?

Twelve to fifteen days after birth, the first round of vermicides should be administered in order to prevent further roundworm spread. Oral vermicides can irritate developing digestive organs, so it's best to use injections for the first month.

The next vermicide should be an injection performed by the vet at two months of age. Additional vermicides should be administered every month after these initial vermicides until the puppy turns eight months old.

What Kind of Deworming Should I Use on an Adult Dog?

After eight months, dogs need a vermicide once a year, or twice if they come into frequent contact with children. There's a lesser chance of spreading worms to children who may not practice the same hygiene practices as their parents due if the dog is more frequently medicated.

Tapeworms and Deworming

For some parasites, a vermicide is not enough to control the infestation. Tapeworms in particular need to have their vermicide coupled with an anti-parasitic treatment for effective medication.

Check for Dog Worms and Diseases in Mother

If you're planning on breeding your dogs, you'll need to administer a vermicide to the female. The first dose should be applied a week before the scheduled coupling. After becoming pregnant, the second dose should be administered to the female ten days before the scheduled delivery, and the third dose should be administered ten days afterwards. This prevents some worm infestations.