Preventing Wound Licking With a Cat Muzzle

Using a cat muzzle to stop your cat from wound licking can be an effective solution. Cats tend to lick their wounds because of the discomfort - they want to relieve the pain and the irritation. The saliva is a carrier of multiple bacteria and may infect the wound, so it's better to prevent the cat from licking the wound.

Stop Cat Biting and Licking

A cat muzzle is usually used to prevent cats from biting. The muzzle covers the cat's face, and sometimes even the eyes, to calm the cat down. However, cats don't enjoy wearing muzzles and they will try taking these off. Keep an eye on your cat and bear in mind that this is only a temporary solution.
If your notice that your cat has difficulty breathing or is about to vomit, remove the muzzle immediately.

Alternative Solutions

Many pet owners try to replace a muzzle with topical ointments that taste bitter - which will keep the cat away.
Alternatively, the wounds may be covered with bandages.
The Elizabethan collar, also known as "the lamp shade", may also prevent the cat from licking the wound. The cat does not have access to the wound so he can't lick it.