Possible Causes of Puppy Nose Discoloration

The puppy nose may present discoloration, which may be due to environmental or health factors.

Winter Nose

Puppies are temperature sensitive and their nose will be discolored during the winter low temperatures. Nose discoloration is more frequent in white and light colored dogs. However, the fading of the pigmentation is common in dogs; so your puppy might have the "winter nose" even during warm seasons.

Other Causes for Nose Discoloration

  • If your dog displays a discolored nose this may be due to a dog nose infection. See a specialist to detect possible diseases.
  • Allergies may also cause the nose to change color. Detect any possible allergens.
  • Plastic bowls can cause a discoloration of the nose. Puppies tend to chew their bowl and the change in nose color is just a reaction to plastic. Change the bowl into a ceramic one.
  • The nose discoloration may also happen if your dog is digging excessively and his surface skin is peeled off, displaying a paler color. You need to see a vet in order to get some topical ointments, to avoid the infection of the area.
  • Puppy nose discoloration may be caused by anemia or the presence of certain parasites such as the hookworms.