Is a Raw Meat Diet for Dogs Really Healthier?

The raw meat diet for dogs has many passionate proponents, but it also vocal critics who don't think the raw diet is any healthier; in fact, some argue that it's unhealthy and dangerous.

Canines Adapted to Raw Meat Consumption

Fans of the raw meat diet, often known as BARF for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, claim that the raw diet greatly improved their dog's health and leads to shiny coats, strong immune systems, clean teeth and breath, strong muscles and better behavior, as the dogs eat food that mirrors what they used to eat in the wild.

These claims, however, have not been proved scientifically and are mainly based on testimonials from owners and pet care professionals.

But Surely There have Been Raw Meat Accidents

On the opposing side, critics claim that the dangers of bacteria and choking on bones, and the time and costs of the raw meat diet, make the BARF method a poor choice for pets.

Look for Healthy, Safe Meat Ingredients

Whether or not the raw meat diet is the right diet for your dog, the proteins and nutrition in the raw diet is the healthier option when compared to many commercial dry dog foods that contain a large amount of carbohydrates, grains, additives, preservatives and sweeteners. Feeding your raw meat and raw bones may not be for every dog owner, but it is crucial to think about what ingredients are in your dog's food and how this affects his health. Look for a diet with protein sources from specific animals like chicken, turkey, or lamb and not meat by-products or mainly grains and grain by-products.