3 Reasons for Putting a Dog to Sleep

Dog euthanasia, or putting a dog to sleep, is an emotional time for the canine's owner. Facing the canine's mortality is not always an easy situation to accept, especially after years of connection.

Reasons to Put Your Dog to Sleep

There are basically three reasons to put your pet to sleep.

  • Illness
  • Old Age
  • Temper

In the case of an illness, the decision is often times the hardest. We often tend to prolong the life of our pet as long as possible even as our life long companion becomes extremely sick and begins to suffer. Many times, in this instance, your pet will tell you that it is time to put him to sleep.

As difficult as it it for the canine owner, often times putting the pet to sleep is the kindest and best decision for your pet as the procedure is painless and suffering no longer continues. The welfare and happiness of the canine must be considered and given priority. Understandably, most owners cannot bear the thought of departing with the canine and delay euthanasia.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Simple questions you can ask yourself to help make the decision of euthanasia for your pet are:

  • Is the condition prolonged, worse with time or recurring?
  • Is the condition no longer responding to medical treatments or therapy to help with his condition?
  • Is the condition lessening the dog's pain impossibility?
  • Will health be regained if recovery occurs?
  • Can necessary care be provided?
  • Is medical treatment cost an issue?

Depending on your response to the questions will help you to know the right decision. If you have answered yes to all the questions, it is likely that you will want to discuss with your family and with your veterinarian the option of euthanasia.

For the owner that is choosing euthanasia. in home euthanasia is an alternative to the doctor's office. Having your final moments with your pet in the love of your home is often times the most comfortable atmosphere for many. For those owners that do seek in home euthanasia ask your vet if he will come to your home to administer the euthanasia solution.

In Home Euthanasia

There are some factors that you will have to consider when deciding upon in-home euthanasia.

  • What will you do with your pet's remains?
  • Will restraints be required to keep your pet in place while placing the needle into the vein?
  • Can you afford the cost of the veterinarian coming to your home?
  • Are you prepared to deal with your pet should he become defensive and intolerant of the procedure?
  • Will you willing to sedate your cat to make the procedure more comfortable for the pet?
  • You must be aware that often times once euthanasia is administered there will be an emptying of the bowels and bladder?

Should you decide to put your pet down at home, make it the most comfortable, loving atmosphere for your pet. Often times, putting the pet to sleep at home is the best for the owner, as they can be attached to their animal until the end, however, you must make certain that it is the best for the pet as well. The advantage of the veterinarian is that the office is trained for pet euthanasia and caring for the pet during the procedure.