Recommended Dog Food for Pancreatitis

When dogs experience chronic pancreatitis, there are different types of recommended dog food that can help to prevent future occurrences of the condition. One of the main contributing factors of pancreatitis is a diet that's filled with high-fat foods and little to no protein, and certain medications can also lead to this illness. When seeking long-term treatment options, it's often necessary to incorporate dietary changes into the plan for recovery.

High Fat Foods Lead to Pancreatitis

Since eating foods high in fat is one of the leading causes of both acute and chronic forms of pancreatitis, a low-fat diet is recommended. A majority of cases of dog pancreatitis tend to occur near the holiday season. Professionals suspect that this is due to dogs being fed greasy and high-fat leftovers from holiday meals. In order to prevent pancreatitis, high-fat foods and most table scraps should be avoided at all times. Carefully check dog food labels to be sure you're selecting foods and treats that have a low fat content.

Low-Fat Diet Dog Foods

There are a number of brands of low-fat and diet recommended dog food. Before you make a decision to switch your dog's food to a diet brand, it's important to understand ingredients. Many expensive or prescription dog foods are commercially sold as low-fat, diet or all-natural. While these may actually be lower in fat content than an average dog food brand, they may also be made primarily from fillers and contain preservatives. Feeding your dog this type of food will likely create more problems in the long run. Grain-based foods are not nutritious for a dog and can lead to obesity, even if they are labeled as low-fat. You may wish to select one of these brands to help clear up symptoms of pancreatitis, but a more healthy choice should be selected for the long-term goal.

Well-Balanced Meals

Dogs need well-balanced meals to stay healthy. One of the best ways to accomplish serving a meal that includes recommended dog food for pets with pancreatitis, is to prepare it at home. This may be a little more time consuming, but you'll be assured that your dog is receiving essential ingredients, and the costs of preparing dog food recipes are substantially cheaper. Recipes including rice, chicken broth, lean ground beef, oatmeal and vegetables are the most healthy for dogs.

Frequent Attacks

Recommended dog food guidelines for feeding during an acute attack of pancreatitis are often very different from the long-term suggestions for prevention and maintenance of the condition. If your dog is experiencing a bout of pancreatitis, it will likely be accompanied by severe abdominal pain. When clinical signs are present, withholding food completely has often been the suggestion, but studies show that feeding small amounts of low-fat food and oral fluids can help with recovery times and success rates. Be sure that any vomiting has stopped before attempting to feed the dog. If the dog will not eat on its own, a feeding tube may be recommended to provide nutrition and fluids.