Recovery Time for Cats After Surgery

Cats need to recuperate after surgery. Cats in recovery require time, which may differ according to the difficulty of the surgery, the age and the physical condition of the cat. During recovery, the cat will regain the strength and energy necessary for normal activities.

Cat Neutering Recovery Time

Neutering is a common surgery. The procedure is simple and the cat will be able to go home on the same day as the surgery. The wound can heal within two days, however full recovery takes about 2 weeks.

Diet After Cat Operation

Post-surgery a cat will need a special diet, according to each procedure in part. Usually, cats lack appetite after surgery, so you will have to encourage your pet to eat. Offer wet food and plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Special Attention

During recovery, your cat will need special attention to speed up the healing. Make sure he gets all the prescribed medication and offer him extra affection. You will also need to change bandages to keep the bacteria out of the area that has been operated on.

The cat will need rest and will probably sleep more. Pain killers can also cause sleepiness.

After surgery, cats may also get easily infected, so keep an eye on your cat's temperature. Fever can be a sign of infection.