Reducing High Liver Function in Dogs

A high liver function in dogs can cause a number of health issues. The elevated function of the liver will modify the levels of the liver enzymes and can be detected through testing. The liver function can be reduced with therapy and the condition is reversible.

Liver Function in Canines

The liver is an essential internal organ in dogs and will contribute to the metabolism of foods. The liver may have a difficult time to break down waste material, fats, proteins, as well as a number of drugs, which are all toxins.

Causes of High Liver Function

The high liver function will manifest through elevated levels of liver enzymes. This will be due to a malfunction of the liver.

The malfunctioning of the liver can be caused by certain medication treatments such as antibiotics, steroids or pain medication, especially when taken over a longer period of time.

A liver biopsy or other types of invasive testing performed on the dog can also cause a temporary increase in the amount of liver enzymes.

Other possible caused of high liver function may include:

  • Poisoning
  • Pancreatitis
  • Jaundice
  • Hepatitis
  • Diseases of the metabolic system
  • Liver cancer
  • Viral and bacterial infections in the dog’s body

Reducing High Liver Function

The liver function and the level of the liver enzymes may be measured through a simple blood test.

If the levels are increased, the vet will try to establish the cause for high liver function.

The treatment will aim at reducing the liver enzymes and may vary according to the cause of the elevated liver function:

  • If the dog suffers from poisoning, the vet will attempt to remove the toxic materials through activated charcoal or through stimulating the vomiting of the ingested substances
  • If medication causes the high liver function, the vet will discontinue the medication and will administer liquid therapy, to ease the workload of the liver and allow it to recover
  • Antibiotics for various internal infections can be used, but these may be replaced with alternative remedies, as the antibiotics may also affect the liver function
  • Denosyl is a medication that is often recommended for a proper liver function, regardless of the causes of high liver enzymes

Typically, if the underlying condition causing the high liver function is cured, the dog’s liver function will be reduced as well.

The diet of the dog should be changed, as it can be a decisive factor in promoting liver health or putting additional pressure on the liver. A diet that is poor in fats and proteins will be recommended. Meanwhile, the dog will have to get a number of vitamins and minerals.

A detox cure can also be followed to cleanse the system from toxins and promote the health of the liver.

The level of the liver enzymes should be periodically checked to see if the dog’s condition improves after treatment.