Reglan for Dogs

Metoclopramide HCl, otherwise known by the brand name drug Reglan, is a powerful anti emetic drug for use in cats and dogs. This drug is primarily used to help prevent pets from vomiting. This medicine can be used for chronic vomiting problems caused by kidney trouble. It can also be used to help moderate the effects of acid reflux disease and after surgery to insure that your dog doesn't vomit and cause damage to his sutures.

Reglan for Dogs Overview

Reglan is classified as an anti emetic drug, meaning one that works to prevent vomiting. In the case of metoclopramide HCl, the drug has a double effect. First, it blocks dopamine reception in the brain, which generally prevents the brain from signaling to the muscles that engage in vomiting. Additionally, it works to contract the stomach as well. This simulates the process of digestion but does not result in the production of digestive enzymes, and in doing so makes it more difficult for your pet to vomit. The contraction of the stomach also makes it more difficult for stomach acids to reflux up into your pet's esophagus.

Using Reglan for Your Pet

Reglan is only registered for and approved for use in humans. It is therefore not available without a veterinarian's prescription and if your pet isn't under the special treatment of a vet. The drug can nonetheless be provided to pets as an extra label drug. If you suspect that your pet may benefit from a treatment of Reglan, take him in to the vet and ask for the vet to diagnose your dog's vomiting issue.

Reglan is available as an injectable drug or as a tablet. It's also available as an oral syrup. It is most often given to dogs in tablet form, as the tablet can be ground up and mixed in with food easily. Generally, the amount of the drug that you'll give to your pet will depend upon your dog's weight and size, as well as the severity and cause of his condition. Most vets will recommend giving your pet Reglan about 30 minutes before you give him a meal so that the drug isn't processed on an entirely empty stomach.

Risks and Side Effects of Reglan

Reglan can cause some mild side effects in animals. It can also react negatively with certain other medicines which may be in your pet's system. If your vet is taking any other medicines, consult with your vet before providing him with Reglan. The most common side effects seen in dogs tend to be the following:

  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Lethargy
  • Changes in behavior

In most cases side effects will be mild. However, there is a chance that your pet will suffer from a more serious allergic reaction to Reglan. If this is the case, you should take him to the vet for emergency medical treatment as quickly as possible. Report all side effects that occur in your pet to the vet.