Elements of a Reputable Dog Insurance Company

Elements of a reputable dog insurance company include clear policy terms, a proven track record, qualified veterinarians, renewable policies, preventive benefits and clear discussion of charges and fees. Before signing up with a dog insurance company, it is important to research their background, including determining if any complaints against the company have been filed with the licensing agencies.

Stability and Longevity

There are some dog insurance companies that have not existed long enough to have covered the lifetime of one pet. Though this would obviously eliminate any start-up companies, it is important to determine if they are a stable institution and able to exist long-term.

Companies should offer such preventive care benefits such as wellness exams and vaccinations. The company should also be recognized and recommended by highly qualified and trained veterinarians. The policies should be in clear terms as to what is covered, should not exclude pre-existing conditions, should be renewable and should clear about the charges and fees for the insurance.

Insurance Company with Customer Satisfaction

Great care should be taken in selecting any dog insurance company.

  • Research into the practices and track record
  • Ask for recommendations from veterinarians, pet hospitals, family and friends
  • Request written information
  • Check for any complaints against the company

Dog insurance is based upon the age of the dog, not upon any pre-existing conditions. Any reputable dog insurance company should have literature and statistics available upon request. Since veterinarian bills can be expensive, it is important to get as much coverage as possible for the life of the dog.