Safe Cat Toys

Cat toys are important to keep your cat busy, stimulated and active. You need to find safe cat toys to prevent accidents such as swallowing or teeth fractures.

Choosing Safe Toys

When getting a toy for your cat, it's important to keep safety in mind. You should opt for toys that are suitable for your cat, according to his size and energy level.

The toy shouldn't be too small, as your cat may accidentally swallow it. The toy shouldn't be too big either, as your pet may not be able to play with a large toy.

Don't buy toys that contain ribbons, feathers, strings or small parts that can be detached and ingested. These can get stuck in your cat's airway and cause breathing difficulties or even choking. Avoid hard toys, as these can cause tooth fractures.

Avoid toys that are stuffed with beads or nutshells. Cats like soft toys, so stuffed animals might be a good choice. However, make sure the toys don't have plastic eyes that can be swallowed.

Types of Cat Toys

Cat toys may be of several types:

  • Active toys that include plastic balls, golf or ping pong balls, chew toys, plastic shower curtains or paper bags. These keep the cat active and stimulate the brain.
  • Comfort toys include stuffed animals, soft toys or cardboard boxes. These can be carried around by the cat or can be a good playing or wrestling companion Get a stuffed toy that's the same size as your cat. Toys that have legs and tails are more interesting for cats.
  • Toys filled with catnip are also recommended for cats. He can carry the toy, kick it, chew on it or rub himself against it. Catnip is safe for cats and can also be a treat.

Benefits of Cat Toys

Cat toys are essential for a happy cat. Playing with toys helps cats keep active and prevent boredom, destructive chewing and scratching. Cats consider toys as prey, and playing with these will satisfy their chasing instinctive behaviors. You can also bond with your cat by playing with a toy.

Cat chew toys will keep your cat's teeth clean by scraping off the plaque deposits. Regular chewing of toys may prevent gum and periodontal disease, which is frequent in cats over the age of 3.

A Safe Cat Home

In addition to buying safe toys, you also have to make sure that your home is safe for your cat. Remove any pins, needles, paper clips or small dangerous objects that could be swallowed by your cat.

Get several types of toys and make sure you always provide something new for your cat. You need to stimulate your cat and help him keep active. Having toys will prevent your cat from developing destructive chewing.