Tips for Safer Dog and Baby Interaction

For a dog and baby to safely get along, be attentive to both their needs. Take the time to educate your child how to respect canines. Likewise, give your dog as much attention as possible so he does not feel neglected in the presence of children.

Prepare for a Dog and Baby to Meet

Before bringing a baby into the home for the first time, train your dog for the new arrival:

  • Familiarize him with the baby's scent and items.
  • Let him smell the baby's blanket, clothes and crib
  • Get your dog acquainted with what new sounds he'll hear. Play a recording that includes baby cooing, crying and laughter.
  • Consider getting a breed that's good with kids, such as a Golden Retriever.

Educate Kids Early About Interacting with Dogs

Rambunctious toddlers may have the most safety issues playing with dogs. That's why it's important to educate a child as early as possible to interact with dogs correctly.

Dog safety tips to teach your baby or older child:

  • Demonstrate how to play with a dog calmly and gently
  • Teach your child to respect the family pet
  • Do not pull or step on the dog's tail
  • Communicate that a dog may bite if he's scared
  • Do not approach a dog without permission from his owner