Sand Fleas Treatment

A simple sand fleas treatment for dogs is to minimize the itching that develops. Minimizing the itchiness also reduces the risk of infection in the affected area and controls the symptoms of sand flea bites.

Sand Fleas

Sand fleas are the most dangerous types of fleas and are mostly found in the North Pacific region. They are also known as beach fleas. They can be as small as a grain of sand and are parasites that can feed on your pet and transmit diseases as well. Sand fleas become parasitic when they attach themselves to the host dog and dig deeper into the skin to feed on the blood. They can also consume the flesh of the dog or cause dermatitis and infections. Since you may cause a serious infection if you try to dig out sand fleas on your own, only have them removed by the vet.

Sand Fleas and Dogs

Although sand fleas aren’t associated with pets, dogs are at a greater risk of developing sand flea infections as they go out often and are also fond of digging.

Symptoms of Sand Flea Bites:

  • Bites similar to mosquito bites
  • Localized bites
  • Itching
  • Tiny black dots at the location of the sand flea under the skin
  • White nodules around the area of penetration 
  • Fever

Treatment of Sand Flea Bites

An antihistamine cream can be applied locally on the bite to reduce the itchiness and rash caused by the sand flea. Administration of painkillers can also provide relief from the pain caused by the bite. There are also several other flea medications that ease the suffering endured by your pet. These medications should only be administered after obtaining vet approval. Once the sand flea has been removed by the vet, the area should be repeatedly soaked with alcohol, to reduce chances of infection.

Getting Rid of Sand Fleas

You should thoroughly clean and vacuum your house and wash your linens and blankets. Take care to vacuum the upholstery and carpets thoroughly. Spray Seven Dust pesticide over your pet and in the house and garden. Although this spray is safe for you and your pet, it effectively kills fleas. You will have to dust your pet and environment daily with the pesticide till the infestation disappears. After it has been allowed to rest on the carpets and upholstery for 8 hours, it should be vacuumed away. Outside areas should also be sprinkled with pesticide to remove infestations. After you have got rid of the sand flea infestation from your pet and your environment, sprinkle the pesticide periodically to prevent re-infestation.

Sand fleas can be quite dangerous. They can cause a lot of suffering to your pet and their infections might prove fatal. They should be eradicated as soon as possible and care should be taken to prevent the infestation from recurring.