Inside Seizure Dog Training

Seizure dog training will provide a dog with skills that will enable those who suffer from seizures to live more normal lives. Here's an inside look at what it takes to train a seizure alert dog.

The Relationship Is Important

The seizure alert process is completely dependent on the attentiveness of the dog to the owner. The dog must be attached to his owner, and eager to please.

Any Dog Can Receive Seizure Alert Training

It isn't just one particular breed of dog that makes a seizure alert dog. Dogs of any breed, size or age can be used, as long as they have a strong bond with their owners. Dogs from shelters are often trained as seizure alert dogs, if they meet the requirements of good health and an attentive personality.

Seizure Detection Process

Once the dog has bonded with the owner and learned to focus his attention on the owner, the seizure detection process can begin. The prospective seizure alert dog must spend 24 hours a day with his owner and the trainer. The trainer will accept the responsibility for rewarding the dog for detecting seizures.

As the dog becomes more adept, the owner will be able to become more distant from the dog, so that the dog can live a normal life while still detecting his owner's seizures.